Where It All Started

I was 24.
Studying at a college in the Netherlands
I studied hard, passed all my exams and went on a trip to Asia after the third (out of four periods) during that year.
Before I started traveling though, I watched a lot of videos on Youtube from Joe Rogan, Ellliot Hulse and Alan Watts.
Two specific videos made me a huge impression on me, and made me start rethink everything on how to live life.
These two videos were Whats Your Passion? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfptYDoxtNM)
and Society Trap from the Joe Rogan Experience (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvfy5Enz6-c).
This also led me to one specific video: How To Escape The Rat Race by Elliot Hulse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf3R3yzEn94).
I was hooked on the thought on following my passion and the freedom you have when someone else is not controlling the way you live your life.

I started traveling to Asia, still having in mind what these people had said in the videos.
I met my four friends in Thailand, and later on we went to Vietnam. We had the time of our lives, and felt like we lived life to the fullest.
We spent approximately three weeks traveling, and didn`t want it to end.
But we had to go back to our regular lives, because of commitments like studying and work.
One friend continued staying in Asia. He was a full-time online poker player.
While we went back to the committments, he was able to stay there for another month, renting a house and got to know many interesting people.
After that he traveled to another country in Europe, and stayed there for a few months.
I was kinda jealous.

I went back to all the stress and hard work of studying at college.
I instantly felt trapped by someone else telling me what to do and how to spend my time.
The freedom I felt during my time traveling was something I needed to experience again.
I eventually passed all the exams for the first year, and then decided to take a year off to work and travel.

During the first six months off I had two jobs; one as a waiter at a hotel and another job as a factory worker.
Me, amongst so many else, were there just to make money. I managed to save up enough money to go travel again, this time I went on a 10-week
trip to Asia. Some parts of the trip I was traveling with friends, some alone.
I was having a great time, but I had limited funds to travel with since I only spent money every day while I was there. No income at all.
At times I started worrying about if I had enough to travel the full 10 weeks.
No income meant only spending my hard-earned money from previous jobs.

That was when I again started thinking about what my friend, the poker player, had done: making money online while traveling.


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