Real freedom and options

Rat Race
meaning an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit

Have you ever heard about the multi-millionaire who wanted to get hired to work as an employee?
Me neither.
When you`ve got financial freedom to do whatever you want, you probably don`t want to work for someone else. You still need purpose in life, but you are detached from needing a job with a hourly wage.
Sure, a regular job can have some meaning, but you won`t make a great impact doing what many people are already doing. Nothing that unique to add as an employee. You can pretend that you have an important role, when in reality you don’t. Quite common for middle managers.

Another problem with most jobs, is that the monthly paycheck you get is a temporary solution to a long term problem. A problem that lasts for decades.
78% of workers in the U.S. said in a survey from 2017 that they lived paycheck to paycheck (
The numbers are most likely worse during a global recession.
Your job no longer becomes an option, it becomes a necessity in order to keep funding your lifestyle and/or keep paying off debt. With a maximum of five weeks of vacation each year.
This is the opposite of freedom.

Even though you don`t need to be a multi-millionaire to escape the rat race, the more money you have up to a certain point, the more freedom and options you have.
Not if you are dependent on an employer though.
You need freedom to be able to spend time how you really want to spend it.
Options to choose when and where you want to live. What being free is all about.
That is why it is essential to build mutiple income streams that are location independent.

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